Work For Smiles


While many of us intend to contribute to the society at large and help others, we can’t! All of us have liabilities, commitments and it’s not easy to donate!

But, what if we could go the extra mile and work for smiles? What if we could work over and above what we do for our living?

Yes, they say time is money and Work for Smiles seeks your time. We plan to organize activities/events/workshops/ projects where you can work voluntarily on things you are good at or the things we can train you to work on. We shall donate/spend the earnings on social causes.

You can go the extra mile yourself and donate full/part of your earnings on your additional work for smiles!

As my bit to the Work for Smiles initiative, for every copy of my second book – Dare To Live! sold, 10 rupees will be directly contributed and spent on a social cause.